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The Power of Dogs

How do you feel about dogs?

I'm asking because research shows that dogs evoke positive emotions in humans that can make us feel happier, appear more trusting, and be more social. 

The scientific term is "Social Catalyst Effect"

We get it, many business environments are not suitable for dogs.

Would you be surprised to hear that photographs of dogs have a very similar effect?

Employees stressed?  Just looking at images of dogs can alleviate symptoms of

anxiety, depression, and PTSD by up to 57%.

Does your business inspire trust and positive feelings?

Using dogs in advertising often sparks the viewers emotions and builds trust

for the business, regardless of the actual marketing message.

Office 3.jpeg
Office  Remington.jpg

Are you ready to leverage the power of dogs in your business?

We can use my stock images, or I can create custom images specific for your business. 

Looking for a way to reward your employees or make them feel more connected to the business?  I can do custom photo sessions with your staff's dogs to create the artwork for the walls.

These photo sessions make a great out of box employee perk or reward.

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