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Diamonds are not a girl's best friend!

Many have heard it said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. I think most of us will disagree. My dog is my best friend, how about you? They are loyal, faithful, and they provide us with unconditional love.

Owning a dog can help reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that spending time with our canine friends helps lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in humans, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Additionally, the very act of caring for another living being can be therapeutic, providing us with purpose and adding structure to our days.

Dogs are great exercise partners. Physical activity has been linked to better mental health, increased energy levels, improved mood, and a better overall quality of life. Taking your pup for regular walks not only provides you with fun physical activity, but it also helps improve your pup's life too. And they don't judge when you have a treat when your finished exercising!

Finally, dogs can provide companionship and unconditional love. We all need some love sometimes and nothing puts a smile on your face quite like when your furry friend meets you at the door after a long day. Dogs can offer us comfort when we feel alone or isolated from the world around us.

I don't know how you feel but I don't think a diamond can do any of these things. From reducing stress, being my favorite exercise buddy, to providing unconditional love, my dog is my best friend. How about you?

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